Silvana Freire

As a Research Analyst for a study of the landscape of computer science education in Chicago, Silvana will conduct quantitative research to analyze students' access, enrollment, and performance in computer science classes and to understand the short-term influence of computer science course-taking.

Before joining the UChicago Consortium, Silvana worked as a Research Assistant at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, while she was getting her MA degree in international education policy analysis. In Peru, she worked as an educational researcher at the Ministry of Education, helping launch a pedagogical school monitoring system, and at the Think Tank GRADE (Group for the Analysis of Development), mainly as part of the Young Lives project, an international longitudinal study on childhood poverty. Silvana  presented her work with Young Lives at a national conference from the Peruvian Society of Educational Research and her master’s thesis proposal at the Comparative and International Education Society conference in Atlanta. She  also co-authored a study on children’s opportunities to learn for the Oxford Review of Education using data from the Young Lives study.

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