Key Questions

1. What factors affect how coaches support beginning teachers?

2. How do coaches support the practice of beginning teachers?

3. How are the goals and activities of Chicago New Teacher Center (CNTC) coaches aligned with the needs of beginning teachers?


To support new teachers during the challenging transition to the profession, schools and districts across the country often establish induction supports such as professional development, mentorship, and coaching. This report describes the findings of a research study designed to examine how the Chicago implementation of the CNTC induction model supports teachers who are new to the profession. As part of this model, CNTC provides beginning teachers in Chicago Public Schools with an individual coach who acts as an expert colleague. This study looks specifically at the ways in which coaches supported beginning teachers toward becoming autonomous professionals. The study was designed as a formative evaluation to inform the organizational knowledge and decision making at the Chicago New Teacher Center; as such, the findings are meant to be reflective and descriptive.  

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